New In Savannah: Ghost Coast Distillery

This past weekend, I went to the newly opened Ghost Coast Distillery which is located at 641 Indian Street near the Talmadge Bridge. Ghost Coast is the first distillery in Savannah in 261 years.  The tour itself starts with a video that gives a great history of drinking in Savannah. The video mentions essential figures in Savannah history including James Oglethorpe, the Yamacraw, and Chief Tomochichi. The name of their first Vodka, Vodka 261, pays homage to the 261 years between the end of Georgia’s first prohibition to the establishment of Ghost Coast Distillery. The tour includes a visit to the aging room for the bourbon they are making. In three years, there will also be bourbon available to drink. BTW, you can find Ghost Coast 261 vodka at Alleycat Lounge, a new cocktail bar.The tour guide was very knowledgeable, and after the tour we got to have a Vodka Gimlet and a Moscow Mule. I would recommend the tour to learn about Savannah history and the craft distilling process.
Ghost Coast Bourbon Barrels

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