Sunday Dessert: Strawberry Bread Pudding

My weekend was sweet. Friday, I met Jovan and Matthew from The Farmer and The Larder. They were in Savannah doing a pop-up dinner at White Whale Craft Ales. I know Jovan and Matthew through my friend Nicole, so it was great to see in person and not just via Facebook and Instagram. They gave me some homemade biscuits and bread to take home, and I was immediately inspired to make a bread pudding from their donation. Saturday morning, I went to Forsyth Farmer’s Market and bought some fresh strawberries. Then I got some heavy cream from the local grocery store. Later I scoured the internet for a strawberry bread pudding recipe, and I found one that had most of the ingredients that I have. I found a great strawberry bread pudding recipe by a fellow southerner, Trisha Yearwood.  It was delicious.  I would like to make a gluten free version using cornbread.

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