Going To BlogHer17

I am an old skool blogger. I have been blogging for over a decade. I first started with a personal blog, Nichelle Newsletter on Blogger. Then I moved it to Typepad and later over to WordPress. In 2004, I met Rachel and Allison, and we created Cupcakes Take The Cake. I have started and abandoned several blogs over the years, and this one Gnatty Savannah is my newest blog baby. I started Gnatty Savnnah nearly two years ago when I moved here to Savannah.  Gnatty Savannah is focus on food, culture and events in Savannah.

Nichelle  at the first BlogHer

I went to the first BlogHer conference in 2005 in San Jose, CA.  I am going to BlogHer  this year to reconnect with old friends and to reconnect with blogging. It’s hard to keep up a regular blogging momentum when there is faster and easier ways to distribute content via social media. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are social media I use daily. I only blog about once or twice a month.

Blogging is important because this is MY SPACE. Not MySpace (RIP), but my personal space. Social media may change, but as long as I own the domain and can pay for hosting, Gnatty Savannah is mine. Blogging is owning a home whereas social media is like renting an apartment. I need to spend more time fixing up my home. When I get back from BlogHer, I will.

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