L’ Shana Tova Savannah

Yesterday was a new moon and Rosh Hashanah is a new year. In my opinion, September is always a new beginning for me even if I am not in school. In Savannah, September is the beginning of festival season. Hurricane Irma won’t hold the city back from weekend festivals.

Here’s a short list of the festivals happening in Savannah:
September 23rd: Savannah Jazz Fest
September 23rd: Statts Fest
October 7: Food Day
October 8: Picnic In The Park
October 28: LGBTQ Pride Weekend
October 29: Jewish Food Festival
Nov 4: Rock’n’ Roll Marathon

SCAD, Armstrong and Savannah State are back, and the city’s population has swelled in size. In the Thomas Square neighborhood, a new restaurant has opened, Bull Street Tacos.

Gypsy World

Gypsy World at 2405 Bull Street has a new look. The store was redesigned a few weeks ago, and it looks great.

Startlandia’s next door building is pivoting from an event space into a bookstore. It will probably in October.

In other news, I am now one of the organizers for 1M Cups Savannah. 1MCups is every Wednesday at 9AM at Bull Street Labs.

Hannah and Annie, two young ladies who I met through who comedy have websites you may want to check out. Hannah does graphic design and she has a blog. Annie is a fashion and art photographer. Check out Hannah Grace Kirkpatrick and Rebel Yellow, respectively.

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