Month: July 2015



Savannah is a city where an event can spontaneously erupt. There are twenty-two public squares and several public parks, so there are a lot of open areas for people to gather. It is also a place where people organize and people of diverse backgrounds come together. Matthew Duplessie planned and organized ManiFest, a holistic event, […]

Metro Star Urban Garden

Metro Star Urban Garden

Located near the Starland District, the Metro Star Urban Garden is a small garden on 38th Street and Howard. It is one of the urban gardens that is part of the Savannah Urban Garden Alliance (SUGA). SUGA is a group that connects and educates fellow gardeners in the Savannah area.

Burger At Betty Bombers

betty bombers burger

Betty Bombers is an all-American restaurant located in the back of the historic American Legion Post 135 which is on Bull Street. The burgers are delicious.  I ordered a hamburger with blue cheese and had buffalo wing sauce as the dip for my French fries, so it was like having the flavor of Buffalo wings […]

Blueberry Maple Pie Bar

Blueberry Maple Pie Bar

I stopped by Back In The Day Bakery and had a blueberry maple pie bar. It was yummy. I love blueberry in baked goods. The flavor combination of blueberry and maple reminded me of Anarchy in A Jar’s Easy Like Sunday Morning preserves. Laena McCarthy is the proprietor of Anarchy In A Jar. I have […]

Lunch: Pimento Cheese And Pig Sandwich

pimento cheese and pig sandwich

At Back In The Day Bakery on Bull Street, in addition to cookies, brownies and cupcakes, they serve delicious sandwiches for lunch. One of these is the pig and pimento cheese sandwich. Pimento cheese is trending as a condiment. I have seen pimento cheese on the menu as a spread for hamburgers, sandwiches or a […]

Street Art On Desoto Avenue

Street Art on Desoto Avenue

As much as Savannah is a historic city, you can find modernity in the street art around the city. On Desoto Avenue, there is an open space that is full on street art. The area is open to the public on First Friday Art March which is on Desoto Avenue in the Starland District.

Blueberry Danish

Blueberry Danish

I like blueberries on their own, but I love them in a pastry or dessert. In fact, when I am in a bakery, I will always choose a blueberry danish over an apple or apricot one. Recently I stopped in Savannah Coffee Roasters, and I ate this beautiful blueberry pastry in addition to my coffee. If […]

Peaches At The Forsyth Farmer’s Market


Georgia is known as the “Peach” state, but I hear that South Carolina produces more peaches. When you in this part of the South, the Low Country, you get the best produce from both states. Watsonia Farms is a regular vendor at the Forsyth Farmers’ Market, and they bring pretty peaches every week. Watsonia Farms […]

Art Appreciation At Jepson Arts Center

This is a photo of two women appreciating the art of Amani Farris at Jepson Center for Art.  The Jepson Center is one of the Telfair museums in Savannah. Most of the contemporary art exhibitions are at Jepson. With movies and art lectures, the Jepson’s event programming is great and tends to include all of […]

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